The trials & tribulations of having a live-in chef (or living & feasting in our cottage in Seremban, and now Beijing)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Getting artsy in Beijing

Finally, we feel like we are settling down properly  in Beijing and I feel relaxed enough to continue with the blog. It's been a hectic 4 months which we have enjoyed but somehow it didn't feel quite real. Well, now it's time to really get to know Beijing !

Last weekend was good, nice clear sunny weather with temperatures of -1 to 7 degrees outside and Big Chef cooked a tasty turkey breast filled with foie gras and pancetta rolled on the outside. So good. And even nicer the next day, cold with a simple salad.

We aren't great art connoisseurs or art sophisticates but we had a great time last weekend at the 798 Art District. 798 is an art community housed in a decommissioned military factory district. It's a big place where you can spend the whole day, and then come back another day to see all the things you missed out previously. The old buildings have been restored and turned into cavernous art galleries, trendy retro shops, cafes, avant garde art spaces, with lots of fun art installations and derelict old buildings which catch your eye.

The huge paper chandelier at Topshop.

Leaves on the ground and beautiful treebark.

A kind soul looks after these cats.

It's a beautiful place. We'll be back.