The trials & tribulations of having a live-in chef (or living & feasting in our cottage in Seremban, and now Beijing)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Last year's fruits

We had our first fruit of the season last weekend - a little mango from our garden. It was delicious - sweet, fragrant and without any worms ! I can't wait for the durians and mangosteens to fall down. The rambutans don't seem to be coming out, probably too traumatised from the tree pruning. I thought I would just dig up some photos of our fruits from last year. Ummmm mmmmm.....

Big Chef climbing the rambutan tree to get all the fruits. He's nuts !

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A woodpecker in our garden

We saw a gorgeous red-brown woodpecker at the bottom of our garden this afternoon, going round and round the durian tree. Please peck my tree any time Mr Woodpecker !

Roast pork lunch

Big Chef was craving for a ham/sliced pork sandwich this weekend. Being a good dutiful obedient yet-to-be 'wife' (OYTBW), I forgot the ham. But hey, I bought the pork ! Wah, redeemed myself ! I went to The Meat Co in Lucky Garden Bangsar and got a beautiful piece of shoulder of pork (Big Chef calls it pork neck but in Malaysia it's pork shoulder) for only RM11, enough for 8 slices and 4 people. Big Chef chopped up caraway seeds and garlic very finely, making a paste and rubbed it over the pork, sprinkled rock salt and pepper, dribbled olive oil and shoved it into our mini-oven. Voila ! An absolutely delicious piece of roast pork for lunch this weekend in Seremban. Big Chef was ecstatic.

Just a simple salad (butterhead lettuce, tomatoes and coriander), a Chilean Syrah, farmer's bread from Hierstand bakery in Bangsar and roast pork - perfecto baby !

The Lizard is back (and the house has been painted) !

Mr Lizard came back for a visit this morning. Big Chef says Mr Lizard appears cool and calm and peaceful, quite accepting of humans.

Extremely happy that the house painting is completed. This weekend in Seremban felt so much more relaxing without all the workers around. The house is now sand-storm coloured with mahogany trimmings. That's what our quirky PainterMan calls it. I just say it's light brown with darker brown trimmings. As usual, during the last 2 weekends, Big Chef and I were freaking out while the work was going on. Everything felt so disorganised and incomplete. And as usual, our eccentric PainterMan came through. The house looks good ! Guess it was worth all the cups of Italian expresso he drank on our front porch !

Monday, 6 June 2011

Big Chef's Knives

Big Chef loves his toys. The cameras, the laptops, the coffee machines, the knives. The many many knives. Too many to count. Whenever he passes the Zwilling Henckels shop, he drools.

Sometimes I get told off for not using the correct knife. Hey ! I'm not a chef. I didn't know there was a knife for cutting fruit, a different knife for cutting all the different types of meat ... aiyo !

Heavenly green !

Big Chef made a heavenly pea soup for lunch this weekend. Loaded with Bulla full-fat 45% cream. Perhaps that's why it was so delicious. Fat always makes food tastier. Taffy, remember the potato/vege soup Big Chef made for you ? You'd love this pea soup.

It kinda looks like a tarantula landed in it ! Actually that's the speck sprinkled on top.

A simple salad, a bottle of sauvignon blanc, some brot - heavenly !

Big Chef loves to drizzle pumpkin oil on his soup. 

Lizard in the Garden

What fun ! We have a lizard in our garden. Is it a monitor lizard ? I have no idea. Actually it's not really our lizard. We share it with our neighbour. It lives at the bottom of our neighbour's garden and comes out to eat the fish in their pond at night. It's the 1st time I've seen it in our garden. I think the body is around 2 bricks length and it has a long thin tail. Just a baby.

Come back 'little' lizard ! You're welcome to hang out at our lemongrass bush anytime but don't eat any kittens I might have.