The trials & tribulations of having a live-in chef (or living & feasting in our cottage in Seremban, and now Beijing)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Lizard is back (and the house has been painted) !

Mr Lizard came back for a visit this morning. Big Chef says Mr Lizard appears cool and calm and peaceful, quite accepting of humans.

Extremely happy that the house painting is completed. This weekend in Seremban felt so much more relaxing without all the workers around. The house is now sand-storm coloured with mahogany trimmings. That's what our quirky PainterMan calls it. I just say it's light brown with darker brown trimmings. As usual, during the last 2 weekends, Big Chef and I were freaking out while the work was going on. Everything felt so disorganised and incomplete. And as usual, our eccentric PainterMan came through. The house looks good ! Guess it was worth all the cups of Italian expresso he drank on our front porch !


Grace said...

good job on the house colour !

beach said...

Nice! The paint job, not the lizard!!

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