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Monday, 6 June 2011

Heavenly green !

Big Chef made a heavenly pea soup for lunch this weekend. Loaded with Bulla full-fat 45% cream. Perhaps that's why it was so delicious. Fat always makes food tastier. Taffy, remember the potato/vege soup Big Chef made for you ? You'd love this pea soup.

It kinda looks like a tarantula landed in it ! Actually that's the speck sprinkled on top.

A simple salad, a bottle of sauvignon blanc, some brot - heavenly !

Big Chef loves to drizzle pumpkin oil on his soup. 

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beach said...

Yumm! Yes, it really does look like a tarantula landed in your soup! Did Big Chef make the pumpkin oil himself or is it out of a bottle?! Pls tell me he made it himself!!