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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Roast pork lunch

Big Chef was craving for a ham/sliced pork sandwich this weekend. Being a good dutiful obedient yet-to-be 'wife' (OYTBW), I forgot the ham. But hey, I bought the pork ! Wah, redeemed myself ! I went to The Meat Co in Lucky Garden Bangsar and got a beautiful piece of shoulder of pork (Big Chef calls it pork neck but in Malaysia it's pork shoulder) for only RM11, enough for 8 slices and 4 people. Big Chef chopped up caraway seeds and garlic very finely, making a paste and rubbed it over the pork, sprinkled rock salt and pepper, dribbled olive oil and shoved it into our mini-oven. Voila ! An absolutely delicious piece of roast pork for lunch this weekend in Seremban. Big Chef was ecstatic.

Just a simple salad (butterhead lettuce, tomatoes and coriander), a Chilean Syrah, farmer's bread from Hierstand bakery in Bangsar and roast pork - perfecto baby !


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Garrett said...

Oh wow! That looks heavenly! Did it have a nice crispy pork crackling?

BTW, where is Meat & Co? RM11 for that pork is very cheap!