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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Roast pork rack stuffed with apricots

In honour of Luscious L's visit to our cottage, Big Chef decided to roast a rack of pork, stuffed with dried apricots. Luscious L is a total pork freak ! Pork rack was from The Meat Co in Bangsar, cost RM23 and was enough to feed 6 and 1/2 people. Little L (Luscious L's son) = 1/2.

The stuffed apricot pic looks a bit obscene somehow.

I'm a terrible photographer and blogger. I forgot to take pics of the finished products. Aiya ! We had the roast pork with apple gravy, mashed potatoes and spinach, pickled cucumbers, grilled carrots and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and some green leafy butterhead which everyone refused to touch. Obviously we know our priorities !

A couple of slices of pork were left over and became part of our dinner later.

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