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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

2012 - A quickie from Beijing

Ooo I've been baddd ! I haven't written anything since December last year. And now it's 2012 and February is almost over. I think I had better write something. Else Big Chef will think that all I do is eat and sleep all day. Which is true. I do eat and sleep a lot here. Blame it on winter ! It is such an effort to get dressed to go out. This is really my first winter ever. I've been to Europe in winter for holidays but it is just not the same. Here in Beijing I put on about 5 layers of clothing before leaving the apartment. Also gloves, a knitted hat, a woolly scarf and fluffy ear-muffs.

This is me as my incarnation of a fluffy insect.

Sometimes I'm really tempted to buy a fluffy animal hat like the man below. He's wearing a dragon hat. I want a panda hat !

Big Chef likes to make me walk and walk during his days off. We have explored a couple of parks, the Olympic stadium, lots of little back alleys etc. Sometimes we walk for 4 hours non-stop and my toes are freezing and feel like they are going to drop off. Still the weather is cold and crisp and the sky is a gorgeous blue so it's not too bad.

The lakes and rivers are frozen over and lots of Beijingers go out skating and sledding. It is incredibly funny the equipment that they use. Looks rather homemade but fun.

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