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Monday, 30 May 2011

Our garden in Seremban

Happy days again ! We have baby durians growing on our durian tree. Last year was great, we had enough fruits to share with the squirrels and my family. But we cut the trees quite ruthlessly 3 months ago. They were so tall, I think they had not been trimmed for over 10 years. We also did the same with the rambutan, quinine and mangosteen trees. Last July Big Chef had a wonderful time climbing the rambutan trees, cutting down the ripe red fruits while my sister went round collecting them. My mum the Durian Queen walloped most of the durians ! It was the first time Big Chef had ever tasted fresh durians and he enjoyed them. Strangely enough he had eaten tempoyak (a cooked durian dish) many times before and loved it.

 I'm so glad the durian tree is not holding any grudges.

The land area of the cottage is around 10,000 sq feet. The actual built-up of the cottage is only 2000 sq feet. So we have quite a big garden. We have fruit trees at the bottom of the garden, kaffir lime shrubs, lemongrass and various flowers and plants around our front porch. There's also a rather sorry looking orchid patch. Sigh..... I know, we've got to do something about the garden !

The spider orchid is growing, the bougainvillea as well as a plant with some yellow flowers.


Garrett said...

Nice photos of the flowers, especially the bouganvillea. The background is all blurred which makes the subject stand out more.

Duncan D. Horne said...

Love the spider orchid! Your garden is looking good. I live in Kuantan but unfortunately don't have a garden...yet!

Duncan In Kuantan