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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bangkok RnR

What a delightful surprise when we arrived at our hotel in Bangkok. Our dear German/Spanish friends had left  a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne in our room. Wonderful ! Just the thing to perk us up after the flight.

Usually I go crazy shopping in Bangkok, this time I managed to control myself, confining myself to only 1 day of shopping at Platinum. Most of the days were spent walking, eating, drinking and drinking and eating and more eating. Oh and watching the beautiful people at Spago's in action ! No photos unfortunately.

Colourful donuts at The One, Renaissance hotel.

Picturesque decrepit houses during the Chao Phraya boat ride.

Cakes at the Mandarin Oriental cafe in Paragon, beautiful citronchoc tart and lemon tart - the best !

A thai meal at one of the numerous cafes in Paragon.

Ooo, porky stuff at Ottos.

Bye bye beautiful Bangkok, we will be back.

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