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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Liveinchef from Beijing

We have moved to Beijing ! Big Chef is now working for a hotel in Beijing and a whole new world and cultural experience awaits us. We've been there 1 month (touchdown 7 Aug 2011) and boy oh boy, what a difference from Malaysia.

First important lessons learnt :
1) Get a VPN. Without a VPN, you can't get Facebook, can't access blogs, can't get YouTube and Google and Gmail has a habit of freezing. Certain search keywords make your laptops hang ! Pay for a VPN. Free VPNs don't work as well after a while.

2) Beijing is expensive. Much more expensive than Kuala Lumpur and Seremban where food and shopping is concerned. 30% to 100% more expensive with regards to imported foodstuff and body products. A papaya can cost RM10 in the supermarket. Imported butter at RM9 to RM15. A tray of 5 green apples at RM15. Imported body lotion at RM50.

3) Beijing is mostly grey. After a thunderstorm though, the sky is a gorgeous blue. I have learnt to appreciate thunderstorms and blue skies.

We are greatly enjoying Beijing though. It's clean (Malaysian standards), traffic is nowhere as bad as people say (we have experienced worse in Kuala Lumpur), the Metro (subway) is wonderfully efficient and wonderfully cheap - RM1 for a trip anywhere. Sure, during peak periods I rub bosoms with beautiful Chinese damsels, but hey, I'm sure those used to the LRT know that it's better to rub bosoms than 'batangs' (rods) !

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Duncan D. Horne said...

I've never actually rubbed "batangs" as you put it! Good luck with your life in Beijing.

Duncan In Kuantan